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Back from Belize and Ready for More

Anemone, Glover's Atoll, Belize

Belize never disappoints. No matter how high my expectations, they are exceeded every time. Your first introduction to the country Рfriendly, happy and helpful immigration agents Рsets the tone for the entire trip, and it only gets better from there.

Even when you arrive, luggageless, at your first stop to find out the town’s water has been off for 3 days, the hotel is under construction, and the room you’re supposed to be in is occupied, you know it’s going to be OK. Well, not OK… excellent.

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Planning Belize – Part One

Blue Hole Rim, Belize 2004

Snorkeling the Blue Hole Rim, Lighthouse Atoll, Belize 2004

The following description of the somewhat rambling thought process and early steps I take when planning a vacation to Belize may be a helpful to guide you through decision making for a multi-destination trip as you research and plan your own itineraries.

This is my fourth trip to Belize and my first trip back since 2005. A person planning their first trip would likely be looking at much different options, probably what is called Surf and Turf in Belize. A mixture of a beach or diving vacation (surf) combined with a land adventure and/or cultural exploration (turf). My first trip was a 2 night jungle lodge stay at the ruins of Tikal and a 7 or 8 night stay hanging around on Ambergris Caye. Read more »