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Planning Belize – Part One

Blue Hole Rim, Belize 2004

Snorkeling the Blue Hole Rim, Lighthouse Atoll, Belize 2004

The following description of the somewhat rambling thought process and early steps I take when planning a vacation to Belize may be a helpful to guide you through decision making for a multi-destination trip as you research and plan your own itineraries.

This is my fourth trip to Belize and my first trip back since 2005. A person planning their first trip would likely be looking at much different options, probably what is called Surf and Turf in Belize. A mixture of a beach or diving vacation (surf) combined with a land adventure and/or cultural exploration (turf). My first trip was a 2 night jungle lodge stay at the ruins of Tikal and a 7 or 8 night stay hanging around on Ambergris Caye. Read more »